Grease trap GREASLY


The grease and fat separator GREASLY is designed to remove organic fats (animal and plant) from wastewater (only gray water). The GREASLY line of grease separator is designed to handle discharge from the kitchens of hotels, restaurants, canteens and catering or for discharges of food processing processes.


The grease trap GREASLY allows to remove fats from the gray water in order to significantly reduce problems of sewer clogging or to prevent malfunctions connected with fat in the wastewater in the event of small sewage treatment plants for isolated settlements not connected to the sewer.


The grease separators GREASLY are designed to remove organic fats (plant and animal) from gray wastewater.
The separators are designed and manufactured in accordance with the provisions of the European standard DIN EN 1825. The product is the most performance and reliable solution for the waste water treatment.



Separator has been developed in full accordance with requirements of EN 1825 in order to achieve an effective and efficient treatment. The series of GREASLY fat separators is designed to treat gray water with a flow rates from 1 to 25 l / s.
The grease trap GREASLY is a complete and specific system for the treatment of gray water. The system is equipped with an integrated sludge trap in the restoration.
Typical application of GREASLY is treatment of wastewater containing grease from hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and other catering or food processing operations. The grease separator is supplied as complete plant fully equipped for the most efficient treatment. GREASLY contains no moving parts, therefore its function is very reliable. The separator requires only little service (depending on the actual usage) which is limited only by removal of accumulated grease layer and sludge.
The fat separators GREASLY are made by a polyethylene tank for underground reinforced: a light article and easy to handle and easy installation and represents the newest know-how of our company in the field of grease separation.


Technical Specifications

GREASLY is manufactured from polyethylene by modern process of rotational moulding. The great stiffness of the separator body is achieved due to the advanced design and structure of the ribs. The main advantage of this solid structure is that it can be mounted deep in the ground without any concrete reinforcements. Moreover, the grease separator made from plastics is light to transport and quick to install. A sludge trap is integrated in the grease separator. Incoming greasy wastewater is introduced into the separator under water surface through the inlet pipe. Solids and other particles heavier than water settle in the sludge trap on the bottom of the tank. As the water passes horizontally through the separator, grease particles, lighter than water, are driven upwards by gravity. Grease contaminants are accumulated in the collection area on the water surface and removed during the maintenance. Treated water is discharged through the outlet pipe.
The GREASLY certificate guarantees a concentration of residual fat of less than 25 mg/l for civil gray wastewater domestic or equivalent.

The fat separators series GREASLY comply with the European legislation and are CE marked.

The parameter that identifies the different models is the nominal flow (NS according to EN 1825-1).
The nominal flow rate detected with regulations criteria referred to number of users must be less or equal to that one of the installed separator.

Depending on the size, the degreaser is available in vertical or horizontal cylindrical rotomolded polyethylene tanks with specific ribs for underground installation.

The external dimensions are shown in the table.

Vertical cylindrical models
Name [l/s] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm]
GREASLY 1 1 1260 990 920 860 110
GREASLY 2 2 1500 1310 1240 1300 110
GREASLY 4 4 200 1810 1740 1300 110
Horizontal cylindrical models
Flow L H1 H2 OD DN
Name [l/s] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm]
GREASLY 7 7 2400 1200 1130 1450 160
GREASLY 10 10 2500 1500 1430 1720 160
GREASLY 15 15 3500 1450 1380 1720 200
GREASLY 20 20 4500 1450 1380 1720 200
GREASLY 25 25 5500 1450 1380 12720 200

NOTE: The data are not binding and may change without notice

Letters shown in illustrations and in tables have the following meanings:

Q – nominal flow (NS)
H – total height (extension excluded)
OD – diameter (horizontal cylindrical tank)
L – total length (horizontal cylindrical tank)
H1 – inlet pipe height
H2 – outlet pipe height
DN – nominal inlet and outlet diameter

Incoming water enters the tank through a pipe under the head so as not to disturb the fat accumulated on the surface while heavier bodies sediment on the bottom of the volume.
The clarified water is discharged through an outlet pipe also with outlet under the head.


Rigid construction.
Quick to install since no concrete works required.
Integrated sludge trap.
Easy to transport due to low weight.
Telescopic maintenance shaft for adjustment of the lid flush with the ground surface (adjustment range 200 mm).
Integrated ladder providing easy and safe access into the tank.

The separator is supplied with 600 mm diameter lid (standard version) or with telescopic extension with seal and polyethylene manhole with pedestrian lid manufactured and tested according to requirements of the latest international standard ISO 15398:2012 (BLACK accessory extension line).

The grease trap GREASLY are made of rotary molded polyethylene tanks. The tank has an excellent mechanical resistance thanks to its shape and the ribs specifications.

The separator can be equipped with an automatic alarm panel (optional) type LINK GREASE ALARM LINK to monitor the accumulated fat level. At the filling of the accumulation volume the system sends an alarm signal.

To lower flow rate is available the range of grease trap GREASE ORANGE.

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The effluent quality has been tested in accordance with current regulations regarding grease traps. The line of grease separators GREASLY has been designed according to European standards EN 1825 in order to guarantee a residual fat concentration less than 25 mg/l.
The hydraulic seal and mechanical strength and loads due to soil stresses and groundwater are guaranteed by tests carried out in accordance with UNI EN.
AZU Water is available to develop solutions tailored to particular customer needs.