Household domestic treatment DomaPlant


The wastewater treatment plant DomaPlant is used for the treatment of wastewater resulting from household or similar utilities such as houses, cottages, B&B, guest houses, offices etc. The biological sewage treatment plant DomaPlant is designed to adapt to user’s daily life adjusting its functioning through both special valves than through control panel changing operating times, The biological reactor is composed by a tank in polyethylene, parallelepiped shape or circular horizontal depending on the models, designed for installation below ground level. Inside it’s divided in 2 compartments sized first to ensure the treatment of wastewater coming from bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, washing machines and dishwashers and second to keep water treatment costs very low.

Activated sludge plant DomaPlant small wastewater treatment for domestic wastewater. Model section.

DomaPlant – Model section

The activated sludge bioreactor DomaPlant stems from the need to provide a technically efficient solution while maintaining a high quality despite market demands are mainly focused only to the low price. The DomaPlant DP is not made with recycled polyethylene, but uses virgin raw material from suppliers with certified quality in order to ensure the mechanical properties of the reservoir according to the conditions of installation in fact the wall thickness of the tank is at least 8 mm.
The benefits relate to minimum operating costs.
according the requirement of the customer, through the biological wastewater treatment technology used, it is possible to adjust the operating mode reducing the production of sludge and consequently the costs of management and disposal.

Activated sludge plant DomaPlant small wastewater treatment for domestic wastewater. Model plan.

DomaPlant – Model Plan



The effluent coming from the sewer enters the first chamber in which takes place the first stage of roughing and fat removal. The first compartment is designed as a septic tank with the purpose to carry out a pretreatment of incoming wastewater, both to reduce organic load entering to the reactor both to block coarse bodies or fats / foams which, if not retained, may generate occlusions or malfunction. In first zone also a denitrification process take place due to insertion of settled sludge coming from the secondary sedimentation chamber by means of a pneumatic ejector. The wastewater flows to the oxidation compartment where the mixture of purified water and activated sludge are oxygenated by means of a fine bubble aeration realized by EPDM tubular diffuser installed on the bottom of the tank. From the oxidation zone, by an NTZ “No Turbulence Zones device” water passes to the final sedimentation where take place the separation of sludge (sediment) from treated water that exits through the overflow edge. The settled sludge, through two air systems, AIR LIFT, are pumped in both to oxidation compartment, so as to ensure an effective mixing, that to the pre-treatment chamber, in order to carry out a denitrification process. The blower ensures both the amount of oxygen necessary to maintain the bacterial flora within the oxidation compartment that the necessary air flow to activated pneumatics ejectors for the recirculation of sludge.
The DomaPlant treatment system serves domestic or equivalent sewage, such as isolated houses, small businesses, farms, recreational facilities (for the treatment of wastewater from bathrooms, toilets, washing machines, kitchen, etc.) . It’s programmed with a defined operation mode: default. It means that the operating time of the blower is controlled by a timer set during the production phase, but, to optimize performance, settings must always be changed according to the user’s habits, in fact, the program can be changed simply by reading the user manual that came and set as recommended by our technical department. If necessary, you can request a visit to the construction site by our technician to check and calibrate the system.


Technical Specifications

The installation of a sewage treatment plant DomaPlnat type DP includes, in addition to polyethylene tank internally divided by baffles, a membrane blower, for the smaller models and a side channel blower for those with greater number of users served , a switch or electrical control panel for managing operating times. The blower must be installed in a place free from moisture and sufficiently aerated, such as a garage or a technical room, and connected, through a rigid pipe in PE (recommended) to the plant by the affixed coupling.
The biological wwtp for mixed-type discharges, black and gray water together, uses an EPDM tubular membrane diffuser, fed by flexible PVC pipe from a blower membrane, for plants up to 24 equivalent inhabitants, and from a side channel blower from 28 to 36 equivalent inhabitants. The adjustment of the two sludge recirculation piping is carried out through regulation of two manual ball valves directly in the production phase. Depending on the user, if such informations are communicated during sales operations, valves and timer will be adjusted for the intended use. For maintenance and installation AZU Water suggestes the signing of a management contract, which in its full version includes all spare parts for free, such as membranes, compressors, valves etc.
The external dimensions are shown in the table.

Gross dimension are shown in table as follow.

Parallelepiped tank
Name [-] [mm] [cm] [cm] [cm] [cm] [cm]
DomaPlant 3 3 110 115 115 115 92 88
DomaPlant 6 6 125 135 240 110 92 87
DomaPlant 8 8 125 140 240 132 109 104

horizontal cylindrical tANK


Name [-] [mm] [cm] [cm] [cm] [cm] [cm]
DomaPlant 12 12 125 172 250 172 150 145
DomaPlant 16 16 125 172 350 172 150 145
DomaPlant 20 20 160 172 400 172 150 145
DomaPlant 24 24 160 172 450 172 150 145
DomaPlant 28 28 160 172 500 172 150 145
DomaPlant 32 32 160 172 550 172 150 145
DomaPlant 36 36 160 172 650 172 150 145

NOTE: sizes can be changed without notice.
The letters in figures and table have the meanings set out below:

PE – population equivalent
DN – pipes nominal diameter
L – total gross length
B – total gross width
H – total gross height (excluding cover)
H1 – inlet pipe height
H2 – outlet pipe height

For further information and tailor made solutions, please contact technical office.


Diagram Drawing

Activated sludge plant DomaPlant nded aeration plant for domestic wastewater. Plan.

DomaPlant – Plan

Activated sludge plant DomaPlant nded aeration plant for domestic wastewater. Side view.

DomaPlant – Side view

Activated sludge plant DomaPlant nded aeration plant for domestic wastewater. Front view.

DomaPlant – Front view