Concrete SEPTIC tank CM is a domestic wastewater treatment for black and grey water. Septic CM is a cylindrical mono chamber concrete tank.

Concrete septic tank, domestic wastewater treatment. Section.

SEPTIC CM – Section

Septic tank is a wastewater pretreatment usually installed upstream to a public sewer discharge or to a small wastewater treatment as activated sludge plants, trickling filters, bio-disc, etc. Septic tanks are useful to remove coarse materials, fats and oils, sands or others matters that, if not stopped, can cause problem, as clogging or equipment breakages, on the forward treatment. Septic tank also homogenizes incoming flow, increasing the post treatment efficiency.

Concrete septic tank, domestic wastewater treatment. Plan.




SEPTIC tank CM is made of a single prefabricated reinforced concrete tank.
Nominal capacity (CN) is the main dimensional parameter according to European standard EN 12566-1. It is provided with inlet and outlet baffles at least 30 cm below the water surface.
Grease and foams are stored on water surface, above outlet baffle level, while sludge is stored on the bottom of the tank. Stored matter must be periodically removed by cleaning and maintenance operation.


Technical Specifications

Concrete SEPTIC tank CM is a mono-bloc (single unit) reinforced concrete tank for underground and aboveground (available on request) installation.
Available for vehicle access (light or heavy), with concrete, stainless steel or cast iron manhole cover (available on request).
Three category available: B125, C250 or D400.
SEPTIC CM line is available from CN 2 up to 15; volume range from 2,700 up to 15,900 litres .
Gross dimension are shown in table as follow.

Name [-] [mm] [-] [cm] [cm] [cm] [cm] [m3]
SEPTIC CM 2 2 140 20 170 195 157 152 2.700
SEPTIC CM 3 3 140 30 170 250 212 207 3.700
SEPTIC CM 4 4 160 40 170 310 268 263 4.800
SEPTIC CM 6 6 160 50 250 200 158 153 6.200
SEPTIC CM 8 8 160 70 250 250 208 203 8.400
SEPTIC CM 11 11 200 100 250 330 280 275 11.500
SEPTIC CM 15 15 250 150 250 440 380 375 15.900

NOTE: sizes can be changed without notice.

The letters in figures and table have the meanings set out below:

CN – Nominal Capacity
DN – inlet and outlet pipes nominal diameter
PE – population equivalent
D – total gross diameter
H – total gross height (excluding cover)
H1 – inlet pipe height
H2 – outlet pipe height
W – volume

For further information and tailor made solutions, please contact technical office.


Diagram Drawing

Septic tank, domestic wastewater treatment.  Section.

SEPTIC CM – Technical section

Septic tank, domestic wastewater treatment.  Section.

SEPTIC CM – Technical plan



Concrete Septic tank CM is designed according to European standards.
Suitable for public sewer requested quality standard for domestic mixed wastewater inflow (greywater and blackwater).
AZU Water can offer tailor made solution according to inflow and effluent characteristic.
Contact technical office for further information (contact).