Industrial Wastewater Treatment


Industrial Wastewater Treatment plant
Industrial wastewaters are very different from each other, unlike domestic/civil wastewaters that are always very similar.
The industrial waste also contains inorganic pollutants such as solvents, paints, mineral oils, suspended solids, metals and metal treatment residues, surfactants, sometimes in very high concentrations.
Equivalence in terms of BOD with civil population is not always reliable: the different pollutant has not the same ratio (nutrient requirement in literature for aerobic treatment C:N:P 100:5:1) compared to domestic effluent, which can cause problems for biological reactions if nutrients are not supplied.
The most important examples are nutrients, as nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P).
It is very important to analyse wastewater coming from different applications to identify the most suitable solutions.
Nitrogen (N) and phosphorous (P) removal systems are usually listed in the industrial wastewater treatment plant.
For industrial application see also the Solution section.

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