Water Storage Tank


Tank for water, wastewater and rainwater storage

There are many kind of storage tanks used for drinking water, for rainwater, for wastewater. All of them can be different in terms of volume, shape or material.
The suitable model must be identified according to customer requirements and specific application.
The reinforced concrete prefabricated tank in standard configuration is designed to store domestic and similar effluent.
According to the concrete tanks construction process, walls, bottom and cover are able to resist to the usual pollutants present in the domestic waste water without specific surface treatments.
Special solutions for industrial wastewater are available depending on pollutant chemical characteristics, concentration and the pH of the solution.
After a specific characterization of the wastewater an ad hoc solution can be designed, built and supplied.
The water storage tank can be installed underground or above ground.
The vibrate reinforced concrete tanks need special care during the installation phase: suitable tools for lifting (like crane) and lean concrete under foundation with welded wire mesh to obtain a regular laying surface.
The plastic tanks, however, may require only a backfill made by sand, gravel or soil without coarse or sharp clasts which they can damage the tank walls.
The ground water is one of the main problems for underground installation.
Depending on the relationship between the groundwater level and the depth of the excavation, there are different solutions and underground installation procedure for different kind of tank.
Some models, for example some fiberglass tanks, are also suitable for laying in soils with high groundwater level. Operation can be carried out dewatering the excavation. Installation requires a concrete base under the tank to hold it and to oppose the hydraulic thrust.
In other cases anchorages, drains or concrete backfill are required depending on tank characteristics.
Some plastic tanks are walkable (pedestrian traffic). Only reinforced concrete tanks are vehicle accessible.
For plastic tank a concrete slab must be designed regarding to static and dynamic traffic loads.
For each model there are specific installation procedures (underground or aboveground).

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