AZU the meaning of the company name from the Sumerian: Physician is who knows waterAZU (from the Sumerian: Physician = who knows water).
Sumerians were the first people in the world who chose to establish themselves in a sedentary manner in one region. The Sumerians are named after the place, in fact Sumerians can be translated as: place of civilized lords. Lords who have chosen to stop and settle down in a place near a water source, the fertile crescent between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Due to the torrential regime of these rivers, this population has built the first civilized mechanisms for the regulation of waterways. The water has been and continues to be the source of life of all civilization. The physitian, the AZU or Babylonian language the asu, is the person in charge to protect and heal the people. By the Sumerians to the present day planet Earth is sick, the uncontaminated drinking water is now descreased to 3% of the total amount of water. To save our planet, we must rely on the care and the physician’s, the AZU’s, advice, the one who knows the water.