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GREASE trap ORANGE is made by polyethylene rotomolded and it is used for domestic grey water treatment. The Grease Orange Line is sized under EN 1825 standard with a flow rate between NS 2 to NS 10.

Grease and foam coming from kickens and bathrooms are stopped in the separator. Usually the grease trap is installed upstream drainage system or a domestic wastewater treatment plant like a pre treatment.



Grease separators coming from the GRASE ORANGE line are realized in polyethylene tank (PE) with a rectangular shape and fitted with DN 600 inspection cover necessary for cleaning and maintenance procedures.
The grease trap is a correct solution to pre-treat wastewater coming for domestic kitchens, restaurants, canteens, hotel facilities or food production industries, in particularly for all kinds of wastewater containing fats and oils from animal or vegetable origin. Sewage coming from WC or contaminated water from mineral oils (lubricants and hydrocarbons) are allowed to be discharged into any grease separators.


Technical Specifications

ORANGE line grease traps are manufactured with specific ribs to withstand stresses due landfill installation.
The number of degreasers ORANGE line is sized and built according to European standard EN 1825-1: artifacts have trap sludge, fat separation zone (room grease absorption) and the area of fat accumulation that have been dimensioned reference to the European standards.
The different models of ORANGE line are characterized by their nominal capacity (NS) calculated according to the EN 1825-1 (Grease separators – Part 1: Principles of design, performance and testing, marking and quality control) identifying the preferred nominal size immediately less than the maximum flow rate is negotiable expressed in liters per second.
The specific flow to treated must be calculated using the procedure described in the EN 1285-2 (Grease separators – Selection of nominal size, installation, operation and maintenance).

Gross dimension are shown in table as follow.

GREASE ORANGE 221001151151159388
GREASE ORANGE 441251352401108883
GREASE ORANGE 77125140240132110105
GREASE ORANGE 1010160115 e 140(*)115 + 240 (*)115 e 132 (*)8997

NOTE: The data are not binding and may change without notice

Letters shown in illustrations and in the table have the following meanings:

NS – nominal flow according to EN 1825-1 and EN 1825-2
DN – nominal inlet and outlet diameter
B – width
L – length
H – height
H1 – inlet pipe height
H2 – outlet pipe height

(*) – the model GREASE ORANGE 10 is composed by two units; above data show single units

Extension kit: manhole DN600 available in accessories section.

Installation requires you need to follow steps as shown in the: ORANGE line underground procedure.
Higher flow rate is available in the Grease trap GREASLY.

Products tested and certified according to EN 1285-1 EN 1285-2 and CE are available in the grease trap GREASLY.
For more information, tenders, non-standard or tailored solutions, please contact our technical department.


Diagram Drawing



AZU Water ensures that the grease separator has been sized and realized according to EN 1285-1 and that the grease trap treats domestic sewage (only gray water) due to be discharged into public sewer.

AZU Water is available to develop solutions tailored to particular customer needs.