Lifting station LIFT C


LIFT C is a wastewater lifting plant for buildings and sites. It is used for houses, offices and industrial users.
LIFT C pumps water from the outlet pipe to the receiving body (sewerage or water body) or in a wastewater treatment system layout when altitude or distance problems prevent the normal gravity flow or when, due to maintenance, two different treatment stages need to be disconnected

Lifting Station LIFT C pumping station for wastewater and rainwater. Section

LIFT C – Section

The lifting station is equipped with electric pumps (single or double configuration), auto coupling system, guide rails, float switches, valves and electric control panel (optional remote GSM module).

Lifting Station LIFT C pumping station for wastewater and rainwater. Plan.

LIFT C – Plan



Wastewater lifting plants LIFT C are facilities designed to transfer wastewater from lower to higher elevation, particularly where the elevation of the source is not sufficient for gravity flow or when the use of gravity conveyance will result in excessive excavation depths and high sewer construction costs.
Pumping station lifts water from houses and industrial sites or from paved surface as parking lot, garage, basement and cellar.
It is also used as compartment in underground wastewater plant.
It’s often installed downstream of pre-treatment that protect pumps avoiding clogging and and other damages.
For wastewater a pre-treatment as septic tank, Imhoff tank o grease trap are required.
In case of run-off rainwater a sand trap (sludge trap/sedimentation) and an oil separator are commonly required.
Oil and light liquid separation must be treated/removed upstream of the pumping station because mechanical effect of the impeller reduces the oil drops size, decreasing removal efficiency. By the mean of a separator even sand, can is stopped, preventing any pumps damage.
The smaller the droplet size, the greater the required volume, for equal performance.
The lifting station is equipped with pumps (single or double configuration), non-return valves, gate valves, level sensors and electrical control panel.
The product has some additional technical features that enhance functionality and maintenance.
The mobile screen on the inlet pipe protects the pumps from coarse material (very important if there are no pre-treatments).
The auto coupling system (as required by EN 1250-1 and EN 1250-2), guide rails and chains make easier the maintenance operations.
The ladder and the removable middle floor are useful for valve maintenance operations.
Depending on the customer requirements, various options can be applied: in addition to standard level sensors, audible, optical and remote (GSM or Wi-Fi) alarms are available on request.
Depending on incoming water (rain, black, industrial wastewater), flow rate or hydraulic head, different types of pumps are available.


Technical Specifications

The lifting station LIFT C is a mono-bloc (single unit) reinforced concrete tank for underground and aboveground (available on request) installation.
Available for vehicle access (light or heavy), with concrete, stainless steel or cast iron manhole cover (available on request).
Three category available: B125, C250 or D400.
LIFT line is available from 4,000 up to 22,000 cubic meter of total volume.
Standard models have single-channel impeller pumps; grinder pumps are available on request.

Gross dimension are shown in table as follow.

DN inDN outDHW
LIFT C 41602”1701954
LIFT C 62002”1702506
LIFT C 72002”1703107
LIFT C 102002”25020010
LIFT C 122002”25025012
LIFT C 162502”25033016
LIFT C 222502”25044022

NOTE: sizes can be changed without notice.
The letters in figures and table have the meanings set out below:

DN in – inlet pipes nominal diameter
DN out – delivery pipe nominal diameter
D – total gross diameter
H – total gross height (excluding cover)
W – total volume

For further information and tailor made solutions, please contact technical office.


Diagram Drawing

Lifting Station LIFT C pumping station with two electric pumps and auto coupling system. Technical section.

LIFT C – Technical section

Lifting Station LIFT C pumping station with two electric pumps and auto coupling system. Technical plan.

LIFT C – Technical plan



The lifting station LIFT C is designed according to European standards.
AZU Water can offer tailor made solution according specific customer request.
Contact technical office for further information (contact).