Open impeller submersible pump TECNO


TECNO is a submersible electric pump for clear or slightly dirty water with open multi-vane fully submerged impeller.

submersible pump TECNO horizontal output

TECNO – horizontal output

The particular strength of TECNO submersible electric pump, obtained without sacrificing their easy-to handle qualities, make them suitable for use in domestic/civil drainage jobs and for medium-heavy duty professional uses.

TOP TECNO – vertical output

Best uses on construction sites and for dewatering floated areas, for civil and industrial waste water, emptying out sump pits, water recirculation in painting or cooling plants.

submersible pump TECNO curves range head flow

TECNO – TOP TECNO pumps curves – flow – head

Motor asynchronous squirrel cage type in dielectric anti-oxide oil bath, protection degree IP 68 and insulation class F.
Motor housing Cast iron GG 25, shaft stainless steel AISI 420, electric cable neoprene H07RN8-F oil resistant, bolt A2 class AISI 304, O.ring and lip seal nitrile, mechanical seal on silicon carbide + allumina.



TECNO series

TECNO series pump is equipped with vertical horizontal output.

submersible pump TECNO horizontal output wastewater

TECNO – model section

On request, these pumps can be supplied with duct-foot pedestal for automatic coupling.

submersible pump TECNO coupling foot system

TECNO – coupling system

Permanent submersible version with automatic coupling foot code 1″1/2 or 2” depending on pump model.

TOP TECNO series

TECNO series pump is equipped with vertical vertical output.

submersible pump TOP TECNO vertical output wastewater

TOP TECNO – model section

The special construction ensures long life, with limited and easy maintenance also the outlet vertical, encourages its use in wells of limited size.

submersible pump TOP TECNO transportable installation

TOP TECNO – installation

The submersible pump TOP TECNO is also available with magnetic float switch.
The magnetic float allows the pump to work in small wells where the electromechanical float does not have the space to do its work. Used with dirty water by providing a regular cleaning.

submersible pump TOP TECNO magnetic float switch

TOP TECNO – MGR version

magnetic float switch is not available for TOP TECNO 7-8-10-11 version.

Submersible pump TECNO and TECNO TOP are available in M version (1 ~ 230 Volts Single-phase), MG version (1 ~ 230 Volts Single-phase with float switch or T version (3 ~ 400 Volts = Three-phase).

TECNO 1-2-3-4-5-6

Single-phase feeding with incorporated motor protector and with built in capacitor and the three-phase feeding with compulsory protection to be provided by the user.

TECNO 7-8-10-11

Single-phase feeding: 1,5 HP with incorporated motor protector and with built in capacitor; 2 HP with box control.
The three-phase feeding with compulsory protection to be provided by the user.

The submersible pump TECNO 8 MG and 11 MG is available with starting capacitor and motor protector in the external box control.

submersible pump TECNO MG version external box control float switch

TECNO – MG external box control

The submersible pump TECNO have an open multi-vane fully submerged impeller with free passage from 12 up to 22 mm depending on model size.


Technical Specifications

Operating limits

  • Max. temperature of pumped fluid 40°C
  • Max immersion depth 20 m
  • PH of pumped fluid 6 – 10
  • Max density of pumped fluid 1.1 kg/dm3
  • Net supply tensions – Single-phase 230 V ±6% – Three-phase 400 V ±10%
  • The electric pump generates an acoustic pressure level of less than 70 dB

For further information see technical sheet in download area.
NOTE: sizes can be changed without notice.
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the technical features without previous notice.

For designing and choosing the right model, please contact technical office.