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Rainwater harvesting HOUSE STORM S


The rain water harvesting plant HOUSE STORM S is a water recycling plant from house roofs for non-potable uses.

The plant can be equipped with a first flush valve, a leafs filter and a rainwater submersible pump with a floating suction hose.



The rainwater harvesting system HOUSE STORM S stores rainwater coming from roof (houses, commercial buildings, public offices, apartment buildings, etc.) for non potable reuse.
Plant is made by a prefabricated concrete tank.
Each model is identified by a total volume (W).
A filter on the inlet pipe blocks leaves dragged by incoming water. Its particular shape allows to remove any solid residues.
Organic matter, if not removed, can cause a lower water quality in addition to a volume loss.
The plant can also be provided with automatic valve for first flush exclusion controlled by a rain sensor (optional).
The first part of the rainfall can carry with most of the pollution, leaf and dust laid on roof surface.
An automatic valve can improve water quality and may decrease cleaning operations frequency .
Recycled water can be used for watering garden washing vehicles, and toilets flush.
For domestic use (non potable) an additional filtration phase and a disinfection phase must be added to increase water quality (optional).
In case of domestic and irrigation use, the recommended solution is the UV lamp, because chlorine can damage plants.



Technical Specifications

The rainwater harvesting plant HOUS STORM S is a mono-bloc (single unit) reinforced concrete tank for underground and aboveground (available on request) installation.
Available for vehicle access (light or heavy), with concrete, stainless steel or cast iron manhole cover (available on request).
Three category available: B125, C250 or D400.
HOUSE STORM S line is available from 3,000 up to 20,000 cubic meter of total storage volume. Standard models have submersible pump; self-priming pump is available on request.

Gross dimension are shown in table as follow.

HOUSE STORM 31251502002003000SUB
HOUSE STORM 3.51402102501803500SUB
HOUSE STORM 51402102502655000SUB
HOUSE STORM 7.51402504202207500SUB
HOUSE STORM 1016025052025010000SUB
HOUSE STORM 1216025065023012000SUB
HOUSE STORM 1516025065029015000SUB
HOUSE STORM 1716025082025017000SUB
HOUSE STORM 2016025082029020000SUB

NOTE: sizes can be changed without notice.
The letters in figures and table have the meanings set out below:

DN – inlet and outlet pipes nominal diameter
B – total gross width
L – total gross length
H – total gross height (excluding cover)
W – total storage volume
Pump – pump type

Note: submersible pump (SUB) or self-priming (S-P) are available on request.

For further information and tailor made solutions, please contact technical office.


Diagram Drawing



The rainwater harvesting plant HOUSE STORM S is designed according to European standards.
AZU Water can offer tailor made solution according specific customer request.
Contact technical office for further information (contact).