SEPTIC Tank realized in polyethylene rotomolded for the treatment of mixed wastewater (gray and black) coming from household or factory from 5 up to 20 equivalent inhabitants. Septic tank is designed with different configurations: single-chamber, double or three chambers.

SEPTIC tank ORANGE, small domestic wastewater pre-treatment. Model section.


Septic tanks are a primary treatment for effluents originating from civli housing usable upstream input into sewer or upstream of a small sewage treatment plant.

SEPTIC tank ORANGE, small domestic wastewater pre-treatment. Plan.




The SEPTIC tank ORANGE line is realized in a polyethylene (PE) tank with a rectangular plan and is provided with inspection covers DN 600 for cleaning and maintenance.
The septic tank is a great solution for the treatment of wastewater coming from residential houses, small residential areas and commercial activities. The septic tank reduce the pollution load coming from both black water toilets and gray water from showers, sinks and kitchens. Wastewater containing mineral oils and hydrocarbons are not allowed to be discharged in a septic tank.


Technical Specifications

SEPTIC tanks ORANGE are manufactured with specific ribs to withstand stresses due landfill installation..
The series of septic tanks ORANGE line are sized in relation to the population equivalent (PE).
The septic tank allows the flotation of the lighter components of the wastewater (such as foams and fats) and the sedimentation of the heavier material (sludge and coarse materials). In the bottom zone the anaerobic digestion takes place decomposing part of the organic substance of the settled sludge.
The SEPTIC tank ORANGE is available in three versions: single, double or three chambers in order to satisfy the requests by the authority.
The following table identifies possible configurations of the various models.
The connection between the different chambers is made by pipes or holes in the baffle realized at a correct distance between the surface and the bottom of the tank so as to avoid disturbing of the settlement processes (floating or settling).

The single-chamber septic tank is a pretreatment plant consisting of a single volume of calm that has the advantage of being very simple and with a very low risk of occlusion.
The two-chamber septic tank has two compartments of the same volume useful to improve pollutants removal.
The threee-chamber septic tank has three compartments of which the first (in which the most contaminated wastewater pass through) is twice then the next two, with the typical relationship between volumes of ½ ¼ ¼.

The Septic ORANGE is tested to be installed at a depth up to 600 mm or 1200 mm depending on the tank version; in this case the tank can be equipped with an appropriate extension (available as accessory).

Every septic tank need connections to the vent column to avoid odors problems.

Sizes and features

The following sizes and features refer to the technical drawings reported below.

Name [-] [-] [-] [l] [cm] [cm] [cm] [cm] [cm] [mm]
SEPTIC ORANGE M1000 7 M 1 1000 115 115 110 92 88 125
SEPTIC ORANGE M2000 14 M 1 2000 135 240 110 92 87 125
SEPTIC ORANGE M3000 20 M 1 3000 140 240 127 109 104 125
SEPTIC ORANGE B2000 10 B 1 2000 135 240 110 92 87 125
SEPTIC ORANGE B3000 14 B 1 3000 140 240 127 109 104 125
SEPTIC ORANGE T2000 7 T 1 2000 135 240 110 92 87 125
SEPTIC ORANGE T3000 10 T 1 3000 140 240 127 109.0 104.0 125

NOTE: The data are not binding and may change without notice.

Letters shown in illustrations and in the table have the following meanings:

PE – population equivalent
T – solution type (M – single chamber, B – double chambers; T – three chambers)
U – number of units composing the product.
V – nominal volume
L – length
B – width
H – height
H1 – inlet pipe height
H2 – outlet pipe height
DN – nominal pipes diameter

Extension kit: manhole DN600 available in accessories section: telescopic shaft ORANGE.

Installation requires you need to follow steps as shown in the: ORANGE line underground procedure.

Products tested and certified according to EN 12566-1 and CE marked are available in the: SEPTIC tank RS.

Higher flow rate is available in the: SEPTIC tank BLACK.

For more information, tenders, non-standard or tailored solutions, please contact our technical department.


Diagram Drawing

SEPTIC tank ORANGE, small domestic wastewater pre-treatment. Side view.


SEPTIC tank ORANGE, small domestic wastewater pre-treatment. Technical plan.

SEPTIC ORANGE – Technical plan

SEPTIC tank ORANGE, small domestic wastewater pre-treatment. Front view.

SEPTIC ORANGE – Front view



AZU Water ensures that domestic sewage or similar (black and gray water) treated by the SEPTIC tank ORANGE can be delivered into the public sewer.

AZU Water is available to develop solutions tailored to particular customer needs.