SEPTIC tank three chambers RS


SEPTIC tank three chambers RS line are pretreatments for domestic civli drains or other equivalent for mixed water (black and gray) coming from bathrooms and kitchens.

Polyethylene three chamber SEPTIC tank RS. Vertical section with flow direction.

SEPTIC RS – Section with flow direction

The functionality of a septic tank is based on two different gravity processes: sedimentation and flotation. Then the deposited sludge is biologically reduced by an anaerobic digestion. Wastewater is treated in accordance with the Directive 91/271 / EEC of 21 May 1991 concerning the treatment of urban waste water.



The SEPTIC tank three chambers RS works by gravity of foams and fats (lighter) and sludge. The incoming wastewater pass through three different rooms and while within lightest materials date back to flotation and heavier materials fall on the bottom of the tank. The different rooms are divided by polyethylene baffles equipped with holes. The sludge accumulated on the bottom is subjected to an anaerobic digestion process where the organic substance is degraded by bacteria.
The outgoing water from the last chamber may be discharged in soil (depending on the terms provided by the local legislation) or sent to subsequent treatments such as secondary treatments, for example in activated sludge plant, or to the phytoremediation plant.


Technical Specifications

SEPTIC tank three chambers RS line are made by polyethylene tanks for underground installation. The parallelepiped shape with horizontal making has the advantage of requiring a reduced excavation reduced and offering a large free surface respect to normal vertical or horizontal cylindrical tanks.


Prior to start the excavations make sure you have all equipments needed for an excavation in a workmanlike manner and in safety. The work area must be free from objects that could interfere with the excavation work and damage the tank during handling.
The SEPTIC tank three chambers RS type can be installed with or without anchors depending on hydrogeological ground conditions (composition and groundwater levels).
Open the excavation and realized a compact sand layer, necessary to correctly install the plant, it proceeds by filling the tank up to half and then proceed with the filling of the trench with wet sand layers and compacted between 250 and 300 mm up to the inlet tube.
Subsequently, the septic has to be filled up to the level of the pipe and then proceed to the total abutment.
The filling material of the excavation should not contain rocks or stones (or other material) that may damage the walls of the tanks.
During the operations of the abutment manhole cover must be positioned on the tank to prevent the entrance of material.
Note that the above area of the polyethylene tank can not be compacted mechanically.

The SEPTIC tank three chambers RS is tested to be installed at a maximum depth of 1200 mm (between the ground and the top of the tank); in this case the article has to be equipped with the appropriate extension (available as an accessory).

The septic tank needs connections to the vent column. Make sure it’s made a correct connection to the venting system to avoid ski problems of smells, especially in summer.

Gross dimension are shown in table as follow.

Nr. Description Symbol Unit RS200 RS3000
1 Volume V m3 2.1 – 2.5 3.0 – 3.3
2 Maximum flow Q max l/s 0.52 0.75
3 Tank width B mm 1350 1400
4 Tank length L mm 2400 2400
5 1st part length L1 mm 710
6 2nd part length L2 mm 980
7 3rd part length L3 mm 710
8 Tank height H1 mm 1100.00
9 Extension height H2 mm 600.00
10 Total height H tot mm 1700.00
11 Pipe nominal size DN mm 110.00
12 Inlet pipe height H in mm 970.00
13 Outlet pipe height H out mm 910.00
14 Manhole 2
15 Lid diameter D mm 400 up to 600
16 Chamber 3 3
17 Material PE
18 Efficiency [5000] g <1.31 <1.31

(*) – Extension is not included with the standard version of the product but is available as an accessory.
(**) – The total reported height is comprehensive of extension (optional).

NOTE: The data are not binding and may change without notice.

The range of SEPTIC tank three chambers RS is tested and certified according to the European standard – EN 12566-1: 2000 and EN 12566-1: 2000 / A1: 2000 “Small wastewater treatment systems up to 50 PT – Part 1: Prefabricated septic tanks” and is CE marked.

For installation you need to follow the steps in the procedure ORANGE line underground mode.

For more PE served is available the range of septic tanks SEPTIC BLACK.

For more information, quotes and non-standard requests, contact the technical department.


Diagram Drawing

Polyethylene three chamber SEPTIC tank RS. Technical scheme with plan and section.

SEPTIC RS – Plan and section

SEPTC tank RS installation in a pedestrian area

SEPTIC RS – installation instruction pedestrian area

SEPTC tank RS installation in a vehicle accessible with concrete plate

SEPTIC RS – installation instruction vehicle accessible area




The range of s SEPTIC tank three chambers RS is tested and certified according to the European standard – EN 12566-1: 2000 and EN 12566-1: 2000 / A1: 2000 “Small wastewater treatment systems up to 50 PT – Part 1: Fosse prefabricated septic tanks.” and is CE marked.