Sequencing Batch Reactor TOPAS R


TOPAS R, tested and certificated according to EN 12566-3, is domestic wastewater treatment plant used for effluent from small family houses, cottages, hotels, pensions and restaurants (including wastewater from washing machines and dishwashers).

All TOPAS R models contain a complete patented technology, automatically controlled by a computer with a special program. The program optimizes the cleaning process of the system and continuously measured the inflow wastewater.
TOPAS R tank is made by polypropylene which ensures the long term service life of the product.

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These are mainly the following:

  • small family houses;
  • sport centres and cottages;
  • hotels and pensions;
  • restaurants.



TOPAS R is a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) plant equipped with a first chamber working as pretreatment and biologic denitrification.
Inlet chamber (1) and activation chamber (2) are connected on the bottom by a plastic pipe and their level change simultaneously because they work as communicating vessels.
Aerobic biological treatment takes place in the activation zone (2) which is aerated during filling and reaction phase and than stopped in other phase. During the sedimentation phase sludge settles at the bottom of the tank and than clarified water is discharged with a special system (decanter). The treatment process is regulated via a control unit with a special programme. Sludge from the activation tank is automatically drawn off to a separate sludge tank which is regularly emptied.

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TOPAS R is the basic type and has a fixed inflow pipe level (A) equal to 0.7 m under the ground level.

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  1. Inlet (pretreatment – denitrification);
  2. Activation;
  3. Sludge storage (aerated);
  4. Treated water accumulation.

The wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) ensures an automatic and continuous operation depending on the volume of inflowing wastewater.
The control unit enables a special mode to be set for treatment of non-standard wastewater (heavily or slightly polluted).
Potential defects are signalled on the control unit and can be sent via SMS or by email.
The mobile phone can be used for adjusting treatment parameters, checking the amount of treated water or operating parameters of all the system and for remote control of the plant operation
See Accessories or TOPAS GSM module.


If within the set time the control unit does not detect any inflow of wastewater, it starts the stand-by mode under which the blower operates for about only 2 hours a day, saving thus energy and keeping activated sludge alive. TOPAS S can thus guarantee the biological functioning of the biological treatment for at least three months without any wastewater inflow.


All the technological components are attached with plastic clips and can be easily removed for cleaning and maintaining during the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) operating life.
Users do not need to handle any control fittings or valves; the control unit automatically adjusts the operation according to the measured volume of wastewater for them.
The treatment process includes an automatic control to maintain an optimal sludge concentration in the WWTP.


Treated water complies with all the requirements on discharge to groundwater and surface water.

  • The TOPAS R is equipped with a settling and denitrification tank at the inflow and with a separate sludge tank.
  • The TOPAS R tank is self-supporting.
  • Thanks to the its tank design, the TOPAS R can be placed below the groundwater level.
  • All the technological components of the TOPAS R are included in the small wastewater treatment plant.


Technical Specifications

Small wastewater TOPAS R is made in a polypropylene tank which ensures a good structural strength and corrosion resistance.
TOPAS R is available only in square shape for models up to 22 population equivalent.

For model greater then 8 population equivalent ask to technical office.
For larger size sequencing batch reactor (SBR) in polypropylene up to 400 population equivalent (PE) see small wastewater treatment (WWTP) TOPAS S model.

Gross dimension are shown in table as follow.

TOPAS R 550.812024050300
TOPAS R 881.215424070350
TOPAS R 12121.8
TOPAS R 16162.4
TOPAS R 22223.3

NOTE: sizes can be changed without notice.
The letters in figures and table have the meanings set out below:

PE – population equivalent served
Q – daily flow
L – square side
h – height
P – power
W- weight

Design parameters:

Water consumption: 150 l/PE day
Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD5): 60 g BOD5 /PE day

TOPAS R is available in square shape, made in a polypropylene tank.
The inlet pipe is placed at 0.7 m below the ground level and it can’t be change.
If different level is needed see sequencing batch reactor (SBR) TOPAS S model.

TOPAS S is designed considering a daily water consumption of 150 l and a amount of Biological Oxygen Demand of 60 g BOD per day per person equivalent (PE).

All variants of WWTP TOPAS R are equipped by the control unit.


IMAGE 02-02-02_03_TOPAS-R_05_eng_00

  • PHASE 1: aeration element in activation tank, aeration element in sludge tank, recirculation air lift;
  • PHASE 2: aeration element in accumulation; deslugging air-lift pump
  • PHASE 3: decanter filling air-lift pump; aeration element in accumulation; deslugging air-lift pump.
  • PHASE 4: treated water air lift pump; aeration in accumulation.

For further information and tailor made solutions, please contact technical office.



Guaranteed parameters of TOPAS R wastewater treatment plants

Medium effluent quality parameters:
  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5): 15 mg/l
  • Suspended Solids (SS): 15 mg/l
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD): 70 mg/l
  • Ammonium (N-NH4): 15 mg/l
Maximum effluent quality parameters:
  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5): 30 mg/l
  • Suspended Solids (SS): 30 mg/l
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD): 120 mg/l
  • Ammonium (N-NH4): 30 mg/l

The above mentioned values are achieved and guaranteed for wastewater treatment plants which are operated and loaded in accordance with the valid operating order and User Manual.

Small Wastewater Treatment Systems TOPAS R is EN 12566-3 certificated and CE marked according to EN regulations.