New: three chambers septic tank SEPTIC RS

New three chamber SEPTIC tank RS in polyethylene EN 12566-1 certified and CE marked

AZU Water and AZU Voda presents the new three chambers septic tank SEPTIC RS certified and CE marked, according to the European standard EN 12566-1, for pre-treatment of civil discharges coming from household.
The polyethylene tank used to realize the septic tank has extremely compact dimensions and has a ribbed structure capable of being installed even in the presence of groundwater without the need for a concrete reinforcement. The new three chambers septic tank SEPTIC RS certified CE is currently only available in version 2000 and 3000 liters in classic orange color that distinguishes the Domestic line.
The septic is provided with two baffles which serve to realize the three settling chambers. In order to improve functionality and an easly maintenance the first chamber has a double volume than others two, in fact, with high roughing and clarification with high production of both sludge and floating materials takes place mainly in the first chamber, while the subsequent refining takes place in the two chambers.

Suitable to mixed discharges: the size of the first compartment of pretreatment make it possible to retain and accumulate fat on the surface and gross material in the bottom, thethree chambers septic tank SEPTIC RS born to treat mixed black and gray water.

The three chambers septic tank SEPTIC RS certified and CE marked is made by rotational molded polyethylene ribbed tanks with the maximum height of the 3 cubic tank equal to 132 cm that allows you to have a great volume with reduced depth of excavation.

For more information our technical department is at your willing.

For single-chamber septic tanks or double chambers, please consult the SEPTIC ORANGE LINK line, for higher loads the SEPTIC BLACK line for the pretreatment of waste wate