Oil separator SLIDE II BLACK


The oil treatment plant SLIDE II BLACK is a light liquid separation system for rainwater from paved surfaces such as squares, parks, underground garages, etc.
The separators SLIDE II BLACK line is designed for a flow rate between 10 and 30 l/s.


The static oils and light liquids separator SLIDE II BLACK is realized in a polyethylene ribbed horizontal cylindrical tank for underground installation.




The separator SLIDE II BLACK treats rainwater run-off from paved surfaces.
It aims to remove not emulsified mineral oils and fuels such as gasoline and diesel.
The SLIDE II BLACK is realized in a polyethylene (PE) ribbed horizontal cylindrical tank.
The separator removes oils and light liquids by means of natural gravity flotation and oil drops, lighter than water, raise to the water surface.
In order to prevent that the rising of aggregate droplets disturb the coalescence processes the direction of the filters and the flow are the same.
On the bottom, escaped sediments are accumulated from the sands trap, eventually installed upstream.
Light liquids are accumulated on the free surface. The required oil storage volume is valued according to the provisions of EN 858-1.
To guarantee the quality of the effluent, the system is equipped with a baffle to prevent the dragging of the oil accumulated. The water is drawn under the water surface.
The system must be equipped with an emergency by-pass device upstream of the separator (available on request) necessary to remove the exceeding design flow rates.
Domestic wastewater with organic or gray water pollutants are not allowed to be discharge into, only run-off rainwater.
The oil separator can be part of a rainwater treatment plant for runoff paved surfaces (waste storage, service stations, storage materials and machine parts, garages, auto wreckers) or industrial waste such as car washes.
The SLIDE II BLACK follows a sand trap (or sludge trap) defined for any specific cases by the EN 858-2.


Technical Specifications

The oil water separator SLIDE II BLACK is made of a polyethylene tank with specific ribs to the underground. The tank has horizontal cylindrical shape. The parameter that identifies separators is the nominal size (NS) which corresponds to the maximum flow that can be treated under standard conditions defined by the EN 858-1. The range SLIDE II BLACK is available with nominal flow models from 10 to 30; with a volume ranging from 4600 to 13000 liters.
The separator is provided with 1 or 2 (depending on model) manhole DN 600 mm for cleaning and maintenance.
The oil separator SLIDE II BLACK is tested to be installed at a depth up to 600 mm or 1200 mm depending on the tank version; in this case the tank can be equipped with an appropriate extension (available as accessory).
The SLIDE II BLACK is tested to be installed at a depth of up to 600 or 1200 mm (between the ground level and the top of the tank) depending on the version; in this case the article has to be equipped with the appropriate extension (available as an accessory).
The separator series SLIDE II BLACK is designed with reference to DIN 1999 Part 1 and Part 2 with with a specific hydraulic residence time.

Gross dimension are shown in table as follow.

SLIDE II BLACK 10101604600172250172146141
SLIDE II BLACK 12122006600172350172142137
SLIDE II BLACK 15152007800172400172142137
SLIDE II BLACK 20202008500172450172142137
SLIDE II BLACK 252525010000172500172140135
SLIDE II BLACK 303025013000172650172140135

NOTE: sizes can be changed without notice.
The letters in figures and table have the meanings set out below:

NS – nominal size according to EN 858-1/2
DN – nominal diameter inlet and outlet pipes
V – nominal volume
B – total external width
L – total external length
H – total external height (without cover)
H1 – inlet pipe height
H2 – outlet pipe height

For the installation you need to follow the procedure steps: BLACK line underground installation mode.

Lower flow rates are available in SLIDE II ORANGE separators.

Oil separator with coalescence filter, tested according to EN 858-1, EN 858-2 and CE marked, are available in SEPKO line.

For solutions with sludge trap upstream the liquid light separation zone go to section: Constant Flow Rate (CFR), for example SEPKO ST.

For further information and tailor made solutions, please contact technical office.



The SLIDE II BLACK is designed with reference to European standards and to DIN 1999 Part 1 and Part 2.

AZU Water is available to develop solutions tailored to the particular needs of the customer.